Desco Machine examples of printed caps and closuresThe Desco range of cap and closure printers is designed to produce precise register and superb print quality at speeds of up to 4000 parts per minute and in up to 6 colors. Options are available for both flatbed and for rotary parts handling to suit specific production requirements.




DRCP-4 Four Color Rotary

DRCP-4 - Four Color Rotary Cap Printer


  • Machine can be provided with up to 4 colors
  • Totally automatic and capable of orienting, feeding, pre-treat, printing, UV drying, counting and boxing closures
  • Welded steel construction
  • Ink is cured while closure is still on platen
  • Perfect register printing (gear to gear drive system)
  • Running registration — radial and lateral adjustment can be made while press is operating
  • Anti-backlash gearing throughout
  • Swing-away roll section for access to plate cylinder
  • Variable speed motor driven ink fountains


Desco DRCP4 cap printer Accessories & Options

  • Pre-feed systems
  • Flame or Corona treat systems
  • Vacuum destaticizers
  • Automatic closure inspection system
  • Counting and boxing


The most effective combination of printer and accessories for your application can only be determined by analysis of your specific closure requirements.  Based on our global experience of many field installations, we welcome the opportunity to make an analysis and forward our recommendation to you.